Holt Water elects new board member at annual meeting

Tower(1158)HOLT, Fla., Sept. 22, 2017–Holt Water Works Inc. held its annual meeting Sept. 21 to elect new board members and officers and give an overview of the past year’s accomplishments.

Sitting board member Anthony Patterson, whose term was complete, was re-elected by unanimous vote to serve for another three years.

New board member Chris Palm also was unanimously voted onto the board of directors to fill a vacant position left by board member Cliff Holt who retired.

A Holt resident since 2010, Palm moved to the area with his family from Niceville and farms full time when he’s not serving the community.

In addition to becoming a new Holt Water board member, Palm is also a fire commissioner for the Holt Fire District.

He sees an advantage to being involved with both the fire district and the water utility.

“I figured it’s a good way to bridge between fire and water,” he said, “to bring the two together.”

During elections for board officers, Palm was elected to serve as board vice president. Current president, Allen Barton, was re-elected, as was secretary/treasurer Donna Ash.  Ash also serves as office manager for the utility.

As part of the annual meeting, Barton gave an overview of the past year’s accomplishments.

During the last 12 months, Holt Water installed 10 new water meters and now services 872 customers.

The water utility was inspected by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection last spring which found no violations or made any recommendations (see story).

In addition, the company purchased a new truck to replace its 15-year-old utility vehicle purchased in 2000 (see story).


Holt Water Works Inc. is looking for funding to install a new water well on Galliver Cutoff (red box).

Just recently, Holt Water talked with USDA Rural Development to apply for a low-interest loan or grant to install a new well north of the CSX railroad tracks on an acre of land the company bought on Galliver Cutoff in 2015.

The new well would help increase water pressure, said Barton.

Approximate cost for a new well is $750,000, he said.

According to Barton, the company has had difficulties securing a grant in the past because Holt’s median household income is about $40,000 which is deemed too high by USDA Rural Development to be considered as a priority for a grant.

Following the meeting, $25 door prizes to Susan’s Restaurant, Sherry’s Restaurant, Cathy’s Creations and a $25 utility bill credit were given.

Stephanie Holcombe


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