Tropical system formation expected later today

10-25-945amHOLT, Fla., Oct. 25, 2019—The National Hurricane Center is forecasting a tropical system to form in the Gulf of Mexico later this morning.

Should it become a tropical storm, it will be named Olga.

Started as a tropical wave over Mexico and Central America, the low-pressure system moved into the Gulf and over warm waters.

storm_17While a tropical system is expected to form, it’s also forecast to merge with a cold front and become post-tropical tonight as it moves over the northwestern Gulf of Mexico.

An Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter mission is scheduled to investigate the system later today.

Further out in the Atlantic Ocean, a small non-tropical low centered a few hundred miles southwest of the western Azores is producing tropical-storm-force winds.

If it becomes better organized, the NHC says a tropical or subtropical system could form later today.

This system will not impact the United States.

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