December car crash on Hwy 90 drug related

Crash Site

A two-car accident that resulted in both cars flipping happened in front of the Holt Water Works and Fire District midnight Dec. 2.

HOLT, Fla., Jan. 10, 2020—A two-car accident happened around midnight here in December with no reports of injury, possible drugs and one arrest.

The accident occurred in front of the Holt Water Works and Holt Fire District on U.S. 90 around midnight Dec. 2.

According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office investigation report, a witness called 911 after coming upon two cars that had been in a car crash on Hwy 90.

A white Lexus GS400 was overturned on the passenger side in the southside ditch facing northwest.

A second car, a green Pontiac Grand Prix, was about 300 feet further west, also on the south side of the highway, facing southwest. According to the report, it had also overturned, but was back on its wheels.

The witness, whose name was redacted from the report, told OCSO deputies he saw one person trying to pull a second person out of the window of the overturned Lexus. The two men ran south into the woods when the witness asked them if they needed help.

As a man from the Pontiac made his way toward the Lexus, the witness told deputies a third man climbed out of the Lexus and also ran into the woods.

The man from the Pontiac, whose name was also redacted in the report, told the witness a man from the Lexus tried to rob him and caused the accident.

While the witness waited for the Sheriff’s Office to show up, the man and a woman, also from the Pontiac, set off on foot toward Brown’s Grocery carrying what appeared to be a cashbox.

When OCSO deputies arrived, the man and woman from the Pontiac, no longer carrying a cashbox, told the investigating deputy they traveled from Pensacola to Holt to visit a friend, but after leaving their friend’s house, they became lost and stopped at the cemetery.

The man told deputies he felt he was about to be robbed and drove off.

According to the man’s statement in the investigation report, after turning west on Hwy 90, a white car came up from behind and hit them, causing the accident. They claimed to not know the occupants of the Lexus.

However, when deputies asked them who their friend was or where he lived, they gave an unfamiliar name and couldn’t give an address.

When asked about the missing cashbox, they denied having one, but owned up to it when told the witness saw them carrying it. They then said it was empty and they threw it in the woods.

At this point, the investigating deputy pointed out that “being involved in a crash where the vehicle rolled over, removing an empty cashbox … and throwing the empty box into the woods was not believable,” according to the report.

While the man went with another deputy to find the cashbox, the woman, who’s name was also redacted in the report, changed the story.

According to the report, she said she was driving, not the man. They went to Holt from Pensacola to meet the men in the Lexus to buy marijuana at Brown’s.

When they arrived, a man got out of the Lexus and approached the passenger side of the Pontiac. When her passenger pulled out his wallet to pay for the marijuana, the seller made a grab for the wallet.

The male passenger in the Pontiac managed to hang onto his wallet and they drove away with the Lexus in pursuit, heading west on Hwy 90.

According to the report, the Lexus pulled up along the driver’s side and hit the Pontiac which caused both cars to crash.

Meanwhile, deputies found one of the men from the Lexus who ran into the woods.


Rodney Rodriguez Shipman

Rodney Rodriquez Shipman, 23, from DeFuniak Springs, told deputies he was a passenger in the Lexus and claimed the Pontiac hit the Lexus from the rear and caused the accident.

According to the report, he refused to identify any of the others in the Lexus with him.

Shipman was arrested on an out-of-county warrant in Washington County for drugs and possession of a concealed weapon.

No other arrests were made in conjunction with the incident.

During an investigation of the crash site, deputies saw suspected drugs on the dash, inside the Lexus and on the ground. They impounded the car.

An executed search warrant turned up four iPhones and approximately 208 grams of marijuana packaged in five separate bags with an undetermined street value.

They also found a wallet containing a piece of paper with a name and credit card number.

The Lexus was registered in Alabama to Michael Ball who said the car was his wife’s and they had let a relative or friend borrow it Thanksgiving Day. Subsequent calls went unanswered.

Later in the morning around 9 a.m., an OCSO deputy found the missing cashbox about 20 feet in the woods on the north side of the highway. The report didn’t say if it was empty.

The investigation was closed when no other Lexus occupants were identified, according to the report.


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