Throwback Thursday: Log Lake Road

Log Lake Road

Log Lake Road looking southeast, dated, April 22, 1953.

This photo of Log Lake Road is looking southeast at an existing bridge at Log Lake, toward State Road 10. (Photo from the Florida Memory project of the State Archives and History of Florida.)

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Log Lake Road

  1. Hi. The picture of what is listed as Log Lake Rd. is actually at Log Lake facing the Eglin Reservation, not facing State Rd. 10.


      • I will enjoy your web site. Joyce at the post office told me about it. I am from Pensacola…my Mother was born and raised in Holt. She was born in 1901. My Uncle operated the fish camp and boat rental at Log Lake back in the 1950s and 60s. My Brother in law took me for a ride over the bridge in the early 60s. Very scary one lane over to the Eglin property. Hope we can get another gas station/convient store here.


      • Thank you for stopping by the site. I hope to have more Holt-specific news as the site grows. If you have an older photo from the ’50s or ’60s you want to share for Throwback Thursday, I’m sure other would enjoy seeing it.


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