Holt property taxes may increase in 2018

HOLT, Fla., July 25, 2017–Holt property owners may see an increase in their tax bill for fiscal year 2018 due to an increase in fire support.

That means most residential and commercial property owners will be paying a little more to cover firefighting and first-responder expenses, said Jim Connors, Holt Fire District commissioner.

The fire assessment for Holt property owners will go from $45.58 to $47.48 for residential property owners.  Commercial property owners will see an increase from $68.48 to $71.33.

Additionally, vacant land parcels currently assessed at $30 per parcel, will be assessed an annual fee of $31.39 and vacant acres will be assessed $.10 per acre.

Every Holt property taxpayer pays a property or real estate tax, also known as an ad valorem tax, to Okaloosa county, the school board and the Northwest Florida Water District.

Holt Fire District is non-ad valorem based, therefore it sets a flat rate for residential and commercial properties to cover emergency support expenses.

The new assessment fees will be on the TRIM notices, short for Truth in Millage. TRIM notices are mailed to taxpayers the first week of August each year. They show the taxable value of the property and provide information on millage rates and taxes estimated by each taxing authority.

The new fire assessment fees will be on next month’s TRIM notice.

The notice also provides information on when public hearings will be held to discuss budgets and to set final millage rates. Those with questions about the TRIM charge notices are invited to attend the meetings.

Stephanie Holcombe

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