Florida leads nation in largest weekly gas price jump

fuelHOLT, Fla., Jan. 22, 2018–Florida is leading the nation for the largest jump in weekly gas prices with a nine-cent increase according to the American Automobile Association.

Florida has the highest gas prices in the south and southeast while Alabama is in the top three states with the lowest gas prices at 2.30 per gallon.

Crestview gas prices, at $2.53-2.54 per gallon–although five cents high than in Fort Walton Beach and 12 cents higher than in Pensacola–are in line with the national average of $2.54.

“For consumers, the questions is how high are gas prices going to go in 2018,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson. “Since 2014, gas prices decreased as much as 20 cents in the first three weeks of the year. This year, gas prices are five cents more than on Jan. 1 of this year, a possible indication that prices in 2018 will likely be more expensive than last year.”

Motorists can find gas for $2.50 or less at 58 percent of gas stations nationwide.

Staff and AAA release


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