TD 11, possibly 2 others in the Atlantic

two_atl_5d0HOLT, Fla., Sept. 22, 2018—A new tropical depression formed in the Atlantic and another one or two are expected soon according to the National Hurricane Center.

The system located east of the Lesser Antilles became Tropical Depression 11 before midnight last night, according to the NHC’s 11 p.m. update.

However, the depression is forecast to dissipate by late Sunday before it reaches the island chain and is not expected to regenerate at this time.


Storm 99 west of Africa

The low-pressure system west of Africa is becoming better organized and it appears a tropical depression is forming, according to the NHC.

If these trends continue, the NHC will initiate advisories later today.

Remnants of Florence located about 200 miles south of Bermuda continue to develop.

A broad area of low pressure located about 200 miles south of Bermuda is producing only minimal shower activity.


Storm 98 near Bermuda

However, strong upper-level winds are expected to diminish by Sunday or Monday, which could allow for some slow development of this system while it moves west and then northwest over the southwestern Atlantic Ocean toward the United States, according to the NHC.

By the middle of next week, upper-level winds are likely to strengthen again, which would limit additional development as the system moves closer to the southeastern coast of the United States.

The NHC gives this system a 30 percent chance of further development during its five-day forecast.

Finally, satellite imagery indicates a non-tropical low-pressure system is forming along a frontal boundary about 900 miles west-southwest of the Azores.

Conditions are expected to become favorable for the low to acquire subtropical or tropical characteristics developing into a tropical depression by early next week while the low meanders over the central Atlantic Ocean, according to the NHC.

Formation chance through the next five day s is high at 70 percent.


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