Sunny today, rainy Monday, cold Tuesday, with a little tropics thrown in


Outlook for the week is wet Monday and Tuesday.

HOLT, Fla., Nov. 10, 2018—Another storm system and cold front is on track to affect our area by the end of the weekend.

The next system will bring widespread rain showers and a few thunderstorms to the region late Sunday night into Monday night.


Heavy rainfall is expected Monday. (National Weather Service)

The pattern will be favorable for heavy rainfall.

The latest forecast calls for 2-to-4 inches of rain with locally higher amounts, particularly across the western Florida panhandle Monday into Monday night, according to the National Weather Service in Mobile.

Flash flooding is possible, mainly where heavy rains repeatedly move over the same areas or fall in a short period of time.

SevereIn addition to the heavy rain potential, the NWS will be monitoring for isolated severe storms south of a Wiggins, Miss., to Andalusia, Ala., line Monday, which includes the panhandle.

A period of below-normal temperatures is expected Tuesday night through Friday next week.

The first freezes of the season are possible here Tuesday and Wednesday nights, according to the NWS.

And as a reminder that the hurricane season runs through the end of November, a new system in the mid Atlantic has a 40 percent chance of becoming a subtropical or tropical system during the middle of next week as it moves north of Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.


This system has a 40 percent chance of developing further. (National Hurricane Center)



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