Throwback Thursday: Holt School, 1940

1940 Holt School 2nd Grade

Miss Pansey Cooper’s second grade class at the Holt School poses for a photo in February 1940. (photo courtesy Max Cooper)

Second graders from Holt school pose for a class photo in February 1940.

Front row, from the left: Annie May King, Ann Armstead, Eunice Smith, Wynell Kinsey, Gaynell Dorsey, Miss Pansey, Norma Jean Ates, Pauline King, Tim Corbin.

Back row, from the left: Billy Williams; Doyle Broxon; Willie Lee Gibson; James Herndon; Lillian Ard, flagholder.

Background: Hogs unknown

The second grade teacher “Miss Pansey” (Hartless) Cooper, one of only five students who graduated from the Holt school when it went through the 12th grade, graduated in 1927.

Starting in 1929, the upper grades were transferred to Baker one grade at a time.

That building, built in 1922 was a two-story, seven-room brick building, but it burned in 1936.

The “new” building in the photo was built in 1939 and is the one still standing unused in Holt today.

The current building operated as a kindergarten-through-sixth-grade elementary school when it was closed in 1983.

Photo courtesy Max Cooper

Editor’s Note:  If you have a photo of an old Holt memory, send it to Holt Enterprise News for Throwback Thursday at Don’t forget to include the date and what the photo is about.

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