Mother who told her son he was dying sentenced

HOLT, Fla., July 1, 2019–The mother who told her teenage son he was dying of cancer when he wasn’t and fraudulently raised money for his treatment has been sentenced to prison.


Ginny Marie Irovando

Ginny Marie Irovando, 36, was sentenced June 25 to 26 months in the Department of Corrections for one count of child abuse, one count of contributing to the dependency of a minor and one count of organized fraud.

Irovando previously entered a plea of no contest to the charges April 18, 2019.

These charges arose in November of 2017 when law enforcement received information Irovando might be fraudulently raising money for her son.

Through the course of the investigation, Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Children and Families learned Irovando told her then-13-year-old son he had terminal cancer.

There was also evidence she informed school staff of the same information and had T-shirts produced that she then sold to school staff to raise money for cancer treatment.

Irovando also made funeral arrangements for the child.

Records gathered by DCF showed the child victim did not have cancer and had never been diagnosed with cancer.

The 14-year-old son was also told that his younger brother had cancer and would not survive.

Irovando was charged with child abuse for the mental harm she inflicted and with Organized Fraud for the funds she received from selling T-shirts.

Upon her release from prison, she will be placed on probation for five years.

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