CDC: Fully vaccinate people can gather without masks

ATLANTA, March 8, 2021—New federal health guidance released today says fully vaccinated people can safely gather together without wearing face masks or social distancing.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who have been fully vaccinated can start to do some of the things they had stopped doing because of the virus.

Additionally, a vaccinated person who comes in contact with someone who has COVID-19 doesn’t need to stay away from others or get tested unless symptoms appear, according to CDC guidance.

What hasn’t changed is the recommendation to continue wearing masks in public places, social distancing, avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces, and delaying domestic and international travel if possible.

People are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their second dose in a two-dose series of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or two weeks after a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The CDC says vaccines are effective at preventing COVID-19, especially severe illness and death; however, it’s still learning how effective they are against variants, saying they work against some, but are less effective against others.

Early data show vaccines may help keep people from spreading the virus and how long the vaccines last.

A new CDC report finds the risk of severe COVID-19 illness increases sharply with elevated body mass index, especially for people younger than 65 years old.

Although animals carry diseases, the CDC also dispelled a rumor that the virus was circulating in wildlife, saying there is no evidence to suggest animals are carrying the disease.

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