Adams Sanitation purchases Residential Waste Solutions

BAKER, Fla., April 1, 2021—Adams Sanitation has acquired Residential Waste Solutions LLC and will begin servicing those customers today.

According to a news release, Adams Sanitation will continue twice-weekly service to Residential Waste customers without interruption.

“We are simply thrilled to welcome 320 new customers to the Adams Sanitation family,” said owner Crystal Boyles. “Our Okaloosa County employees are ready to show our new customers how we embody value, dependability and community every day.”

All customer credits transferred from Residential Waste to Adams will be honored, according to the release.

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Also, beginning May 1, Adams will no longer accept cash for bill payments, according to a March 26 Facebook post.

Customers can pay their bills through the Adams web portal, with an automatic bank account withdrawal, over the phone or by dropping off a check in the dropbox at the office in Baker.

Founded in 1985, Adams Sanitation was purchased by the Boyles family in 2018. Since then, the company expanded its 1,400 customer base to more than 12,000 families and small businesses across three counties.

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