Civil engineers wanted for new fire station

HOLT, Fla., April 5, 2021—Holt Fire District formally dropped its request for proposal for civil engineering plans for the new fire station today.

Deadline for contractors to return their proposals via U.S. mail is May 3. All submitted bids will be opened that day.

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The new fire station will be built at Holt Park located about a half a mile east of Main Street on property owned by the fire district.

A pre-bid site meeting is scheduled for Friday at 10 a.m. at the fire station with Holt Fire District commissioner chairman Jim Connors. Copies of a topographic survey and a preliminary site plan will be available at the meeting. The documents are also available on the Fire District’s webpage at

Following bid opening in May, a selection committee will evaluate each bid the week of May 10. The committee will then present its selection to Holt Fire District Board of Commissioners May 24. 

The commissioners will hold a special meeting May 25 to approve the committee’s selection.

Final civil engineering drawings by the selected contractor are required 120 days from the contract date, according to the RFP.

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