Crestview golf course gets improvements prior to 2022 reopening

Crestview’s Toptracer Range tee boxes would fit in Foxwood’s existing driving range, which could accommodate 17 boxes. (Toptracer Range)

CRESTVIEW, Fla., Aug. 31, 2021—The Foxwood Country Club property is transforming into more than an 18-hole golf course after years of sitting unused and overgrown.

The City of Crestview purchased the Antioch Road property in late 2020 and began restoring the grounds, preparing it for reopening early next year.

The course will be renamed and its facility upgraded.

Amenities will include a full restaurant and lounge, pro shop, patio, event area and pickleball court in addition to the newly restored golf course.

At its Aug. 23 meeting, the Crestview City Council approved plans for the area’s only high-tech Toptracer Range.

Adding Toptracer to the course expands its appeal, City Manager Tim Bolduc said, noting the system not only draws golfers to the course, but also provides entertainment for those looking for a fun night out.

The technology has a game mode in addition to course maps and practice mode, making it attractive to golfers of all ages.

Toptracer was created by a golf fan whose first prototype of the high-tech range opened in 2012.

The system uses the same technology seen on TV to allow viewers to track a player’s ball, as well as displaying data such as ball speed and arc height, according to the Toptracer website.

In a blending of the digital video game world with actual golfing, Toptracer has proven attractive to players, who can “play” virtual golf in different game environments.

Similarly, golfers can also try the challenges of world-famous course holes through virtual play.

The system also stores players’ data, allowing players to compare their progress as they improve their swings.

Using the Foxwood driving range’s existing tee box, Toptracer Range can install up to 17 driving bays—which also include lounge furniture and fans—the company said.

“This is going to be a great amenity for our local golfers and our visitors,” said Bolduc. “We’re excited to be introducing Toptracer to this area.”

Brian Hughes, City of Crestview public affairs officer

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