PAWS responds to Crestview

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla., Dec. 31, 2021—The Panhandle Animal Welfare Society responded to the City of Crestview’s news release about the termination of animal services.

For more than two years, PAWS provided animal control services to the City of Crestview despite an expired contract and below-market billing rates, according to PAWS Executive Director Tracey Williams.

“This was not something we would normally address through the media,” she said. “But with the city’s press release, we felt the need to defend our position.”

Williams said they successfully renegotiated contracts with other municipalities this past year, and while city officials were not happy with the rate increase, they understood the contracts were overdue for a rise in rates based on increased expenses and cost of living.

The PAWS board of directors voted to no longer allow Okaloosa County’s citizens and shelter donors to subsidize the City of Crestview’s animal control functions, according to Williams.

Additionally, financial impact for accepting a rate as low as what Crestview offered to PAWS earlier this week would have impacted funding to be used to improve aging facilities animals and staff are living and working in, she said.

According to Williams, PAWS management first met with Crestview City Manager Tim Bolduc in September 2020 about the need to work under a legal contract at rates that would cover the cost of services provided.

Crestview made little effort to further its relationship with PAWS during the next year and let invoices for services rendered go unpaid for periods up to 90 days, according to Williams.

After a year of inactivity, on Sept. 12, PAWS issued Crestview a notice to terminate services in 90 days unless a formal written agreement was reached.

When no agreement had been reached by Dec. 15 and PAWS’s invoices for August-November remained unpaid, the attorney for PAWS intervened and contacted the city’s attorney and provided another extension through Dec. 31.

Crestview’s final offer would have forced PAWS to lose upwards of $100,000 annually to provide them animal control services, according to Williams.

“This would perpetuate an unsustainable business model, whereby the non-profit’s shelter funds would be used to subsidize animal control services for the City of Crestview, instead of much needed improvements to infrastructure and care for the animals.” she said. “Consequently, PAWS felt it had no option but to terminate services in Crestview, effective Jan. 1, 2022.”

Williams said that the shelter remains open with programs for all abused and neglected animals in Okaloosa County; however, animal control response services are contracted by municipalities and paid for by the taxpayers who use them.

PAWS news release

2 thoughts on “PAWS responds to Crestview

    • PAWS has been in Breach of Contract for the past 7 years with City if Fort Walton Beach for not following Fl. Statute 828.03 (1) (2). No mandate for ACO’S . Direct mayoral testimony under oath at hearing
      confirmed this. Direct testimony from the Okaloosa County Director of Public Safety and his prior email also confirmed a
      Breach of Contract.

      Sounds like multiple class action lawsuits could occur for each city and the county for allowing this to have occured and been ongoing.

      I know ,as this was my case and the Judge revoked PAWS “Immunity to Civil Liability” granted under the Florida Not For Profit Act.

      Possible charges:

      Conspiracy to Defraud.

      False statement to law enforcement official.

      Forgery of official Documents


      Fraud upon the Court (4) counts

      Perjury during court testimony

      Exposure of animals to contageous desease while in the care and control, resulting in death of animals

      Theft in excess of $5,000.00

      Making materially false statements (4) on affidavit for exparte hearing , There is refuting clear and convincing video evidence to support

      Impersonating an officer of the state (multiple)

      Illegal search and seizure as supported by Fl statute
      for enforcement of Entire Chapter , when a required
      Citation IS NOT WRITTEN by

      Failure to file after statutory requirement for ex parte hearing .

      Failure return property after expiration of 10 day statutory limit.

      Failure to provide public records request in timely fashion.


      I have dozens.of PAGES of public records request from PAWS own records as well .as direct witness testimony to support these facts

      Know a good Lawyer?

      The Florida Commerce Act
      allows discretionary punitive damages up to $1,000.000.00
      as well as compensatory damages, if i go that route.

      C. Watkins


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