Adams Sanitation recycling service on hold

MILTON, Fla., June 20, 2022—Adams Sanitation announced it is suspending its recycling service due to closure of the recycling facility in Escambia County.

All recycling picked up will be taken to the landfill while the facility is closed.

Escambia County Utility Authority, the only recycling facility in the area, is closed again for about 60 days for repairs.

The second of two conveyor belts, scheduled for replacement this fiscal year, failed June 15.

Although the ECUA board of directors approved replacement belts in February, the existing equipment failed before the delivery of new belts which was affected by supply chain delays.

Because the conveyor belts are a critical part of the feeding system, the facility can’t operate without them.

To make the most of the downtime, other maintenance and repairs that require a facility shutdown will be completed.

Based on the most current delivery date information, the anticipated facility restart date is mid-August.

Adams Sanitation will continue scheduled pickups on recycling days. However, recycling will be taken to the landfill rather than a recycling facility until the center is operating again.

Adams customers who want to suspend their recycling services until the center comes back online may do so by calling Adams at 850-537-3282 for sending an email to

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