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News you might have missed.

Another UFO study

NASA will begin studying UFOs. The new nine-month study will look at unexplained sightings, what the military calls unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs, from a scientific perspective. The study, beginning in the fall will cost less than $100,000. The NASA study will be independent of the military’s new UAP task force.

Jupiter: Planet eater

Everybody’s favorite planet is probably Saturn because of its rings and that you can see them through a telescope. The second most-notable planet is probably Jupiter because of its outstanding “eye” feature, which is a storm that’s raged for centuries. The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is 300 times bigger than Earth and has twice the gravity. It’s covered in massive clouds made up of hydrogen and helium, and until NASA’s Juno space probe managed to get a glimpse under the cloud base, not much was known about the planet’s core. Now, scientists believe Jupiter grew to be so large because it consumed other planets, or “planetesimal” bodies, while its hydrogen-helium atmosphere envelope was growing.

Baby Betty Gays

Everybody knows what a Baby Gay is, right? Maybe a more familiar name would help: cotton buds, cotton swabs. How about Q-tips? Designed in 1923, Polish immigrant Leo Gerstenzang invented the cotton swab after watching his wife cleaned his baby girl’s eyes, ears and belly button with a cotton ball on a toothpick. He called his new swab “Q-tips Baby Gays.” “Baby Gays” was because their daughter laughed when tickled by the swab. While some sources say the Q in Q-tips refers to “quality,” the obituary for Betty Marcus, Gerstenzang’s daughter, states the swabs were originally referred to as “Cute-tips” because baby Betty was such a “cutie.” That got shortened to QT and was then marketed as “Q-tips.”

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