In other news

Earth birth

The Earth birthed a new island in September. An underwater volcano in the southwest Pacific Ocean awoke and began oozing lava, ejecting plumes of steam and ash, and discoloring the surrounding waters. Eleven hours later, a new island rose above the water’s surface. Ten days later, the island had grown to cover 6 acres. The new baby does not yet have a name.

One pair of Levi’s sells for $74K

An 1880s pair of Levi’s single-back-pocket buckle-back denim jeans, found in an abandoned mine shaft, sold at auction for $74,000. A couple of vintage-clothing collectors teamed up to buy the really old pair of jeans. The jeans are being stored in a bank vault and can be viewed by appointment only.

From sewage to drinking water

As drinking water started running low in Hampton Roads, Va., officials made the decision to pump treated wastewater into the underground aquifer to stabilize groundwater. Although not in a drought, the coastal area is depleting the aquifer, which is causing the ground to become unstabilized and collapse in some places. Treated wastewater goes through a second treatment to bring the water up to drinking quality before being pumped into the aquifer.

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