Freeze warning now in effect for Holt area

HOLT, Fla., March 14, 2017The Florida panhandle has been included in a freeze warning by the National Weather Service in Mobile.

A cold air mass settling into the area is expected to impact a larger area resulting a more widespread freeze than originally forecast possibly bringing tonight’s temperatures to around freezing.

This is an upgrade of a freeze watch from this morning’s forecast.

According to the NWS, Mobile, a surface high pressure will build through tonight.

“Mostly clear skies, decreasing northerly winds and a dry surface air mass will favor a night of cold temperatures across southeast Mississippi and interior portions of southwest and south central Alabama and the northwest Florida Panhandle,” the warning stated. Temperatures could briefly fall from 33 to 34 degrees with patchy frost.

Wednesday Night
Additionally, a freeze warning is in effect from 1 to 8 a.m. Thursday morning.

The warning is in effect for all but the immediate coast for late Wednesday night with early morning lows 32 to 27 degrees along the I-10 corridor possible Thursday morning.

A freeze warning means highly likely sub-freezing temperatures that can kill crops or other sensitive vegetation is expected.

Freeze Preparedness Tips

Some helpful reminders to prepare for the sub-freezing weather expected tonight and Wednesday night

  • Wear layers, gloves, hats to stay warm when outside.
  • Bring pets inside or provide them a warm shelter.
  • Cover sensitive plants, or bring them in if they’re portable.
  • Cover exposed outdoor pipes; allow outdoor faucets to drip to prevent broken frozen pipes.
  • Don’t use fuel-burning (charcoal or wood) grills or other devices inside. They release carbon monoxide gas.

The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension Office offers the five Ps for cold weather preparedness:

  • Protect people
  • Protect pets
  • Protect pipes
  • Protect plants
  • Practice fire safety

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