Florida’s longest flea market is open for business

FleaHOLT, Fla, April 13, 2017—Florida’s longest yard sale event is springing up this weekend.

Flea Across Florida, a state line-to-state line yard sale, happens from Jacksonville to Pensacola along U. S. Highway 90 Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

This year marks the seventh year the event has organized yard sales across northern Florida. The semi-annual event is scheduled the second Friday and Saturday in April and September.

In addition to permanent “brick-and-mortar” stores along the way, individual and community yard sales set up shop along U.S. 90. These sales even pop up between small communities, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

U.S. 90 was once the main artery traveling east and west across northern Florida, but when the national interstate system was built, many towns along the old road were bypassed. Flea Across Florida, originated in 2010 by the Live Oak Partnership, was organized to help those communities bypassed by I-10.

In Holt, the First Baptist Church is participating in this spring’s border-to-border weekend treasure hunt on Saturday with its Rise to Unite yard sale.

And don’t be surprised to find other treasure stops between here and there along the way.


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