Harvey still hanging on


Two systems continue to bear watching for further development by the National Hurricane Center. (NHC)

HOLT, Fla., Aug. 21, 2017–The remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey have potential to redevelop after it passes the Yucatan peninsula and enters the Bay of Campeche Wednesday.

According to the National Hurricane Center, some development of this system is still possible as it travels over the northwestern Caribbean Sea before it reaches the coast of Belize or the Yucatan Peninsula early Tuesday.

Forecast to move into the Bay of Campeche early Wednesday, environmental conditions there are expected to be more conducive for redevelopment before making a second landfall in Mexico or south Texas.

An Air Force reconnaissance aircraft mission scheduled to inspect this system has been canceled for today.

Meanwhile, the low-pressure system near the Bahamas continues to move west-northwest at about 15 mph.

While conditions during the next couple of days aren’t conducive for further development as the system moves across the Bahamas, they improve later in the week as it nears Florida.

Chances for further development toward the end of the week improve to 40 percent.


Hurricane models show the system making its way across the Bahamas to Florida. (South Florida Water Management District)

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