Florida peninsula may start feeling impacts from Irma soon


Hurricane Irma’s eye is clearly visible in this National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite image. (National Hurricane Center)

HOLT, Fla., Sept. 6, 2017–The Florida peninsula may start experiencing effects from Hurricane Irma beginning later this week.

According to the National Hurricane Center, direct impacts from wind, storm surge and rainfall are possible in the Florida Keys and portions of the Florida peninsula as theĀ  storm moves closer to the United States, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Additionally, the NHC will begin issuing hourly position estimates on the hurricane beginning at 11 a.m. CDT now that the eye is clearly visible.

The eye of Irma passed over Barbuda, St. Barthelemy and St. Martin this morning and will be moving over portions of the British and U.S. Virgin Islands next.

Wind speeds are still reaching 185 mph.


Irma is expected to turn northwest and northward in about later this week. (NHC)

Irma is moving west-northwest at 16 mph and is predicted to continue on this track for the next two-to-three days before turning northwest and northward.

The NHC expects the storm to remain a very powerful hurricane as it travels over warm waters during the next three-to-four days.


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