Scott declares state of emergency for Puerto Rican evacuees

MIAMI, Fla., Oct. 2, 2017–Florida’s governor today declared a state of emergency in all 67 Florida counties in response to Hurricane Maria’s catastrophic impact on Puerto Rico.

Gov. Rick Scott signed Executive Order 17-259 as a response to help provide resources and assistance needed to accommodate Puerto Rican families impacted by Hurricane Maria as they arrive in Florida.

The state of Florida will continue to coordinate with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide arriving Maria survivors with housing assistance, crisis counseling, unemployment assistance and legal advice.

“With families displaced by Hurricane Maria already present and still arriving in Florida, it is critical that our state is prepared to provide the resources they need upon entering,” said Scott. “As Puerto Rico rebuilds, Florida remains committed to doing everything we can to help the families impacted by Hurricane Maria and aid in the recovery process.”

Additionally, disaster relief centers at the Orlando and Miami International Airports and the Port of Miami will be opened beginning Oct. 3 to assist Puerto Rican families displaced by Maria.

The centers will ensure those entering Florida are provided with all available state resources.

At the governor’s request, nearly 40 state colleges and universities have waived out-of-state tuition and fees for students from Puerto Rico displaced by Maria.

“I want to thank our state college and university presidents for answering the call to help these students,” Scott said. “We will continue to work collaboratively with our state, local and federal partners to support Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts and do everything we can to help those coming to Florida.”

Governor’s Office News releases

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