Suspect caught in armed robbery


Crestview Police respond to a robbery at the Tom Thumb at Old Bethel Road and State Road 85 Jan. 18. (Crestview Police Department)

CRESTVIEW, Fla., Jan. 19, 2018–A Crestview man was arrested yesterday for robbing a local convenience store at gunpoint.


Matthew Steven Peacock

Matthew Steven Peacock, 20, allegedly robbed the Tom Thumb store at the corner of Old Bethel Road and State Road 85 around 11:07 a.m. stealing two packs of cigarettes valued at $13.11.

Following the theft, Mr. Peacock was seen crossing S.R. 85 to the new Publix Supermarket across the highway from the Tom Thumb store.

He headed west on Airport Road and was found less than half a mile from the scene of the robbery.

Once the store notified the police of the robbery, Walker Elementary School, Davidson Middle School and Crestview High School were placed on precautionary lockdown until the situation was resolved.

Although the scene of the robbery was within Crestview city limits, Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to assist once the suspect crossed State Road 85 onto Airport Road which is county jurisdiction. Old Bethel Road becomes Airport Road east of State Road 85.

The Tom Thumb clerk at whom Peacock allegedly pointed a handgun positively identified Peacock where he was caught, near the intersection of Airport Road and Houston Lane.

Peacock was charged with armed robbery.

The Tom Thumb robbery is unrelated to a Jan. 17 armed robbery of a Crestview Cash’s liquor store. The suspect in that holdup, a black man, is still being sought by police.

Crestview Police Department release

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