Remnants of Beryl in the Caribbean


Tropical Storm Beryl has dissipated into a low-pressure system, but could regenerate as it moves across the Bahamas later in the week. (National Hurricane Center)

HOLT, Fla., July 8, 2018–Tropical Storm Beryl has dissipated into a low-pressure system.

There have been no observations of sustained tropical-storm-force winds from Dominica or Guadeloupe.

In the short term, increasing wind shear should cause continued weakening of the system, with the remains of the center dissipating in the next 12 hours, according to the National Hurricane Center.

That said, between the three-to-five-day timeframe, there may be an opportunity for the remnants of Beryl to regenerate into a tropical storm when the system moves through the Bahamas and into the southwestern Atlantic.

Right now, the NHC puts that possibility at a 30 percent chance.

However, the chances of regeneration are currently in the low category, according to the NHC.

ChrisTropical Storm Chris, on the other hand, is on a strengthening trend, according to the NHC.

Chris, caught in weak steering currents, is expected to meander a bit before a low-pressure system pushes it toward the northeast.

Additional strengthening is expected during the next two-to-three days as the storm remains over warm Gulf Stream waters and in a moderate wind-shear environment.

Chris is expected to strengthen into a hurricane Monday and strengthen further Tuesday with winds up to 90 mph before starting to wind down into an extratropical storm.

National Hurricane Center forecasts




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