SCAM: Substitute any cell phone service in this scam

HOLT, Fla., Jan. 29, 2018–
A sophisticated cell phone scam relieved local victims of $1500 recently.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office reported a victim was recently scammed by someone claiming to be an AT&T employee who advised he was calling to inform the victim of a service interruption expected to last approximately 20 minutes.

The alleged interruption was so the service could be updated from 4G to 5G service.

The caller indicated the victim would receive an automatic AT&T message with a PIN (personal identification number) the caller needed to complete the update on his phone.

The victim received the message, formatted like AT&T’s actual automated messages, and provided the PIN to the caller.

A short time later, his and his wife’s phone went out of service.

The couple then received a call from their bank’s fraud department saying they noticed three unusual charges on their account from AT&T, made through the victim’s wife’s card, for $1,504. The charges were made from Dallas.

The victim contacted AT&T through another person’s phone and was ultimately informed the phone number the caller used—888-333-6651—was flagged in their system as fraudulent.

The phones had been completely removed from the account and had to be reactivated on the account.

The charges were from someone purchasing new phones and adding them to the account.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office release

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