Holt-related criminal activity

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Kenneth Albert Eichelberger, 31, battery, April 15

Jordan Evan Martinez, 20, probation violation for battery, April 15

Keion Jamikel Ilee Jenkins, 23, aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon, in Santa Rosa County, April 16

Stephen Anthony Schulte, 26, sentenced for drug possession, April 18. Schulte was arrested in February for probation violation. He was also arrested for parole violation in Santa Rosa County in December 2018 and in September 2018 for driving with a suspended license, drugs and probation violation.

Incidents were in Holt unless otherwise noted. All persons are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

One thought on “Holt-related criminal activity

  1. I think labor camps should be brought back so people like this could learn what it’s like to work for what it takes to live instead of selling drugs or using drugs just to try and forget what’s going on around them. The Bible says that if a man don’t work he also will not eat. I know good jobs are hard to find but there is nothing wrong with cooking, serving, cleaning, or whatever it takes to get by. I know lots of people think this is too hard but when we had public whippings where the public could watch a person with his hands tied to a post and a hard beating on his back could be witnessed by the public the public did not want this to happen to them so they walked a straight path. Sorry if I hurt your feelings but the truth is the truth and what works should be applied. We have had enough therapy to correct the world if it worked.


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