Holt man attacked by dog

HOLT, Fla., May 9, 2019–A Holt man was attacked by a dog Monday morning while walking along U.S. 90 just east of Cooper Lane.

The dog-bite victim who walks in Holt regularly had his constitutional interrupted when a dog came out of its owner’s yard and latched onto his leg.

The man was walking westbound toward Cooper Lane when the mastiff-mix bulldog attacked him.

“I didn’t see or hear him until he had my leg in his jaws,” he said. “He pulled me to the ground.”

The man punched the dog in the head until it released him.

“The dog owner finally heard my yelling,” he said. “They called for an ambulance.”

The bite victim was transported to North Okaloosa Medical Center in Crestview where he was treated for dog-bite wounds.

According to Dee Thompson, executive director for the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society, the dog has been quarantined.

“We will begin a dangerous dog investigation,” she said. The owners will also be cited for the bite and allowing the dog to roam.

The victim has been to the doctor multiple times since leaving the hospital Monday and is dependent upon other family members for support. The attack left an gaping wound covering his entire left calf.

“I’m restricted to a walker and wheelchair for who knows how long,” he said. He’s gone “from walking 2 miles three times a week to struggling to make it to the bathroom.”

However, he isn’t holding a grudge against the dog owner, he said, because he’s a dog owner, too.

Stephanie Holcombe

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