Sherry’s Diner open for business as usual

Diner (0022)HOLT, Fla., July 24, 2019–There’s been rumors that Sherry’s Diner in Holt is closing.

According to Sherry Cregger, that’s simply not true.

“We have not closed down and we are not under new management,” she said.

Contributing to the rumor was the disappearance of the “Sherry’s Diner” sign on the front of the building. The vinyl sign aged to the point of falling apart and was removed.

The diner was closed for a short time as the Cregger family mourned the passing of Cregger’s mother, Tina Thompson, who died June 29.

And the diner was closed again last Saturday, primarily due to short staffing while Cregger catered a wedding event.

Right now, the diner is operating with one cook and one waitress and is actively looking for not one, but two part-time cooks.

“We will be returning to regular business hours this week with, hopefully, no further interruptions,” Cregger said. “We appreciate the understanding from our customers and look forward to serving you all for as long as you’ll have us.”

Stephanie Holcombe

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