Gulf system not developing

7-25HOLT, Fla., July 25, 2019—The area the National Hurricane Center has been watching in the Gulf of Mexico for the past few days doesn’t appear to be developing further.

The NHC now gives this spot a zero chance of further formation.

For now, it’s only producing widespread cloudiness and disorganized showers.

It’s expected to drift northward; however, the NHC says development is unlikely due to unfavorable upper-level winds.

As July winds down, the hurricane season enters its most active months.

augustMid-August begins the historically active period of the hurricane season when storms begin developing from tropical waves off the west coast of Africa. These low-pressure systems feed off the Atlantic Ocean’s warm tropical waters as they move westward.

septemberDuring September, the most active month during the season, storms tend to originate not only from Africa’s tropical waves, but in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and western Atlantic Ocean as well.

The most active time of the season is from Aug. 20 through Oct. 20 with Sept. 10 as the historical peak.

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