Holt Park now open


Holt’s public park is now open.

HOLT, Fla., Oct. 15, 2019—Holt’s new public park is now open.

According to Okaloosa County Public Information Officer Christopher Saul, the park has been open since July 3.

Completed are two covered picnic areas, a playground equipment area and a walking path.

An indoor community center is planned for the park, but no start date for construction has been set yet.

“The community center is still part of our capital planning program,” said Saul.  “It is intended in the upcoming fiscal year that the building design will be completed with construction to follow.  Specific building features are still being worked out.”

When built, the pavilion will be available for after-hours functions, but the playground, picnic areas and walking trail are closed at night.

The park is open from one hour before sunrise and closes one hour after sunset.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has set a watch order to ensure the park remains safe.

“Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies will be making routine patrols through that area at different times of the day and night to keep tabs on park security,” said Michele Nicholson, OCSO public information officer.

“We encourage anyone who sees any suspicious activity at any time to contact OCSO Communications at 689-5705,” she said.

Stephanie Holcombe


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