Two Alabama men die during robbery attempt in Crestview

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CRESTVIEW, Fla., May 20, 2020—Crestview police are investigating a robbery/homicide that occurred at the Hilton Motel on U.S. 90/James Lee Boulevard Tuesday evening.

Two men died from injuries during the robbery attempt at the motel.

Jukeith Tyrrell Edwards, 25, from Enterprise, Ala., died at the North Okaloosa Medical Center.

Kaylun Marquis Gray, 19, from Elba, Ala., was found dead at the motel.

Just after 9 p.m., Crestview police were called to the motel regarding an unrelated incident.

Shortly after arrival, the officer noticed a suspicious person running from one of the rooms, his face concealed.

The person sped off in an awaiting car and headed to the North Okaloosa Medical Center where Edwards later died from his injuries.

The other occupants of the vehicle were detained at the hospital for questioning.

While Crestview police were at the hospital, Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies were at the motel securing a possible crime scene.

Gray was found dead from an apparent gunshot wound in one of the motel rooms.

A preliminary investigation revealed the shooting incident stemmed from a staged robbery.

Gray’s girlfriend, Jasmine Chantel Williams, 20, from Crestview, solicited the assistance of three friends to target her boyfriend in a planned robbery at the motel.

When the friends arrived at the motel room to commit the robbery, Gray and Edwards exchanged gunfire.

Gray was killed. Edwards fled in the awaiting car, but later died at the hospital.

Crestview police arrested Williams and 24-year-old Eric Rashawn Dorsey of Andalusia, Ala.

Both were charged with murder and robbery with a firearm.

A third person, Tykira Zhane Deandrade, 23, also of Andalusia, was charged with murder, robbery with a firearm and accessory after the fact in commission of a capital felony.

Crestview Police Department news release


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