Baker’s virus number continue to inch upwards

6-29HOLT, Fla., June 29, 2020—Baker added two more positive cases to its number with today’s updated information from the state health department.

The Florida Department of Health now shows Baker with seven COVID-19 cases.

Holt and Laurel Hill continue to hold at three and four, respectively. Crestview hit a milestone, adding 10 new cases for a total of 100, the second-highest in Okaloosa County.

Statewide, numbers didn’t set a new high; however, the new daily number is more than 5,200. The new total for Florida is 146,341, up 5,266.

Okaloosa County continues to hold at six deaths, all in March and April and all but one over the age of 80.

In Covington County, Ala., 19 new cases were added for a total of 343.

According to Gov. Ron DeSantis at a news conference yesterday in Pensacola, the actual number of people infected with the virus is higher.

“The number of cases you detect is not the sum total of the infection that you have throughout the community,” he said. “Detected cases are just a small fraction of the total amount of infections.”


Okaloosa County age distribution of COVID-19 cases. (FDOH)

He also added that a younger age group is now driving up the positive numbers.

“That 25-to-44 age group is now by far the leading age group for positive tests in the state of Florida,” said DeSantis. “That’s pretty new.”

Those in the younger age bracket are less at risk and have a lower fatality rate, said the governor. And although their symptoms, if any, may be less severe, they can still pass the virus to others.

“These younger groups, they need to be thinking about who they’re coming in contact with who may be in the more vulnerable groups,” said DeSantis. “They could be putting someone who’s more vulnerable at risk.”

—“You can definitely see more impact if you’re not careful.”—

Gov. Ron DeSantis

Northwest Florida has had a much lower impact from the coronavirus than areas in south Florida.

“This has been a relatively mild issue in northwest Florida as opposed to a place like Miami-Dade County,” the governor said.

However, he said, “you can definitely see more impact if you’re not careful.”

Okaloosa County
  • Fort Walton Beach 263, up 12 from yesterday
  • Crestview 100, up 10
  • Destin 85, up 5
  • Niceville 59, up 7
  • Mary Esther 40, up 3
  • Shalimar 36, up 1
  • Eglin Air Force Base 8, same
  • Valparaiso 5, same
  • Baker 7, up 2
  • Laurel Hill 4, same
  • Holt 3, same
  • Unknown area 13
Around the area
  • Milton 235, up 5
  • Pace 43, up 1
  • Jay 5, same
  • Defuniak Springs 103, up 1
  • Paxton 1, same

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