Tropical depression forms

TD7 7-21 5pmHOLT, Fla., July 21, 2020—A tropical depression has formed from the tropical wave in the Atlantic Ocean.

Satellite imagery indicates the low pressure area has a well-defined circulation and organized convection, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Although a depression now, some weather models forecast Tropical Depression Seven to dissipate or become a weak low within the next five days due to wind shear and a dry air environment.

However, a few models forecast the depression to strengthen into a hurricane by then.

For now, the NHC predicts TD7 will become a tropical storm within the next 24 hours and strengthen but not reach hurricane-level winds.

If it does become a storm, it will be named Gonzalo.

7-21 5pm

The tropical wave over the Florida Straits will gradually strengthen as it moves northwest over the Gulf of Mexico, according to the NHC.

Some modeling suggest this could also become a tropical system later in the week.

If it does form into a named storm, it will be called Hanna if it strengthens after TD7.

Today’s Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter mission was cancelled. Another mission is scheduled for tomorrow, if necessary.

National Hurricane Center forecast

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