Isaias now forecast to become hurricane

Isaias 8pmHOLT, Fla., July 30, 2020—Tropical Storm Isaias is now expected to become a hurricane sometime Friday.

The National Hurricane Center is forecasting Isaias to strengthen into a weak hurricane sometime during the next 24-to-36 hours before it reaches the east coast of Florida.

Hurricane warnings have been posted for the Bahamas; tropical storm watches have been posted along the southeast coast of Florida.

A U.S. landfall is not predicted at this time, although the Carolinas are in the cone of uncertainty.

Tropical wave

7-30 WaveMuch further east, the tropical wave just off the coast of Africa now has a medium 40 percent chance of further development.

The NHC gives this system a small window of opportunity to become a tropical depression through Friday before environmental conditions become less favorable for development.



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