Active Atlantic heading into peak season

HOLT, Fla., Aug. 30, 2020—The Atlantic Ocean is becoming more active as the season heads toward its climactic peak of Sept. 10.

The National Hurricane Center is now watching four areas with promise of further development.

The newest spot is an area of low pressure expected to form off the southeastern coast of the United States in a day or two.

According to the NHC, a tropical depression is likely to form by the middle of the week while the system moves northwest or east-northwest parallel to the southeastern coast, then out to sea.

This system has a 70 percent chance to develop in the next five days.

Another new tropical wave is expected to emerge off the coast of Africa in a couple of days.

Some gradual development of this system will be possible through the end of the week while it moves slowly westward over the far eastern tropical Atlantic, according to the NHC.

Formation chance is low at 20 percent.

Closer to home, gradual development of the tropical wave moving into the Caribbean Sea is possible during the next several days, according to the NHC.

It has a 30 percent chance to develop. This system has been designated as Invest 99 by the NHC.

Finally, the tropical wave in the eastern Atlantic, with a low 30 percent chance to develop, is moving slowly westward.

National Hurricane Center forcasts

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