Holt water will flow during hurricanes

HOLT, Fla., Sept. 16, 2020—With Hurricane Sally roaring through the area, Holt Water customers are naturally wondering if they need to add drinking water to their list of concerns.

“Holt water will continue to flow during Hurricane Sally,” said Donna Ash, Holt Water Works Inc. manager. “We don’t anticipate any interruptions.”

Should a power outage happen in the area, the pumps at both water towers have standby generators that kick on when power is interrupted.

In preparation for a possible visit by any hurricane, the water utility goes over its emergency plans, checks generators and diesel supply, and updates contact numbers with Okaloosa County emergency services.

“The only way we’ll lose water is if an electrical storm strikes the well and it’s totally damaged,” Ash said.

Which has happened before, she said. In fact, one strike took out the generator, but an older back-up generator was used until repairs could be made.

If a water tower is blown over or lightning strikes a well pump, Holt Water will notify the local community about any water interruptions.

“We’ll ask people to conserve water,” said Ash. “We’ll use local radio, TV, word of mouth, go door to door, to get the word out.”

Ash suggested customers monitor the Holt Water website and Facebook page for updates on issues relating to water supply.

Holt Water customers can check that concern off their list.

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