‘Your call cannot be completed as dialed’

Mandatory area code use begins today

HOLT, Fla., May 22, 2021—The area code is now required for all local calls.

This requirement is due to a second area code being added to the 850 area.

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Called an “overlay” by the telephone utility, a 448 area code went into effect today to ensure a continued supply of telephone numbers.

Since two area codes will be used in the same geographic region, it’s now necessary to dial the 10-digit number.

Customers are not required to change their existing area code or phone number; however, numbers stored in contact lists, especially those in cell phones, will need to be edited to include area codes.

Services using automatic dialing, such as life safety systems, medical monitoring devices, fax machines, call forwarding and security devices such as alarm systems, etc., will need to be reprogrammed with the area code.

Emergency 911 calls do not require an area code.

Telephone numbers will not change. However, beginning June 22, new telephone lines or services may be assigned the new 448 area code.

Because of the overlay, neighbors may wind up with different area codes, and multi-line offices or residences may have different area codes.

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