Depression strengthens into storm

HOLT, Fla., June 15, 2021—Tropical Depression Two strengthened into Tropical Storm Bill last night.

Although some further strengthening is forecast for today, Bill is expected to be short-lived and weaken into a post-tropical low and dissipate tomorrow.

Meanwhile, another tropical storm is likely to form in the western Gulf of Mexico later this week.

The low pressure area in the Bay of Cameche is expected to move little during the next day or two with slow development, according to the NHC.

The disturbance is forecast to begin moving northward by Thursday and a tropical depression is likely to form as the low moves across the central or northwestern Gulf of Mexico.

Very heavy rains could begin to impact portions of the northern Gulf Coast Friday, according to the NHC.

Development chance remains at 70 percent through the next five days.

The tropical low making its way westward from Africa is forecast to be impacted by an area of dry air and strong upper-level winds when it reaches the central tropical Atlantic, limiting the chances of formation.

The NHC gives it a 10 percent chance of formation.

National Hurricane Center forecasts

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