Second tropical storm expected tonight, tomorrow

HOLT, Fla., Aug. 13, 2021—A new tropical depression formed in the Atlantic Ocean today and could become the seventh named storm of the season.

Tropical Depression Seven, located east of the Lesser Antilles, could strengthen into Tropical Storm Grace tonight or tomorrow, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The system is moving over warmer waters and through an environment of increased moisture.

However, the depression’s fast motion, as well as the possible development of some mid-level westerly shear, could stunt the rate of strengthening, according to the NHC.

Moving west at 22 mph, the system is forecast to move over the Leeward Islands tomorrow night, over the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Sunday and over the Dominican Republic Monday, following a similar track to Tropical Depression Fred.

The depression’s future is unknown at this time, according to the NHC. A move over Puerto Rico and Hispaniola would weaken and suppress the system’s intensity.

The system could get stronger if it ends up moving over less land, or it could dissipate entirely if it moves over land for too long.

National Hurricane Center forecast

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