Tropical Storm Julian forms over the Atlantic

HOLT, Fla., Aug, 28, 2021— Activity in the Atlantic Basin is heating up after a July lull in the hurricane season.

Tropical Depression 11 in the central Atlantic Ocean developed into Tropical Storm Julian midday today.

Short-lived Julian is forecast to become a post-tropical system tomorrow.

Gradual weakening is anticipated after 24 hours and Julian is likely to dissipate over the north Atlantic by day three, according to the National Hurricane Center.


While Ida has everyone’s attention, Invest 98 developed into Tropical Depression 10 yesterday.

The system is expected to continue moving through a region of strong northwesterly to westerly shear for the next two days or so, and little-to-no strengthening is anticipated during that time.

However, if the convection is able to remain fairly close to the center, then the system could eke into tropical storm status at any time, according to the NHC.

After 48 hours, a significant decrease in shear, along with warm waters, should allow for a steady strengthening trend, according to the center.

Should it strengthen into a tropical storm, the next name on the list is Kate.

What else?

The NHC is watching for an African wave to slip off the west coast and move over the eastern Atlantic Ocean by Tuesday.

Conditions appear favorable for development once the wave moves offshore, and the NHC has already given it an 80 percent chance of development during the five-day forecast period.

A tropical depression is likely to form toward the end of the week while the system moves west-northwest over the eastern tropical Atlantic.

Finally, a broad area of low pressure located just east of the Delmarva Peninsula off the coast of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, is showing activity while it lingers over the warm Gulf Stream waters, according to the NHC.

Conditions appear favorable for some slow development during the next few days as this system drifts southeastward and then eastward, moving away from the east coast of the United States.

This system has a low 20 percent chance of development at this time.

Staff and NHC forecasts

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