Antioch railroad crossing work delayed a week

CRESTVIEW, Fla., Oct. 25, 2021—Railroad crossing repair scheduled for tomorrow has been pushed off to next week.

Antioch Road in Crestview will now be closed to through traffic next Tuesday to Thursday.

Florida Gulf & Atlantic Railroad had to delay the scheduled repave a week due to an emergency at another location.

As before, traffic will be temporarily detoured for the three days to allow FG&A to smooth out its rail crossing for motorists.

Antioch Road will reopen for through traffic Friday after the repaving is complete.

Roadside message boards are being placed at the railroad crossing to remind motorists of the closing.

“We are aware that Antioch Road is a significant daily route for many in our community,” said Okaloosa County Commissioner Nathan Boyles. “We are looking forward to a much smoother commute upon completion of the repave.”

Detour signage will direct motorists to use State Road 85/Ferdon Boulevard and U.S. 90.

Northbound motorists on Hwy 85 at P.J. Adams Parkway will be directed to continue straight, north Hwy 90/James Lee Boulevard.

Motorists headed south from Hwy 90 will be directed straight to Ferdon Boulevard instead of cutting through Antioch Road and P.J. Adams Parkway.

Emergency responders will be routed safely and efficiently during this detour, according to Okaloosa County officials.

Okaloosa County news release

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