Beware: It’s that time for year for scammers

HOLT, Fla., Dec. 8, 2021—It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…for scammers.

The hot scamming ticket right now seems to be fake violin players looking for handouts setting up in shopping center parking lots across the nation, all “playing” electric instruments. That’s so they can fake playing the music coming through the speakers.

And it’s happening here in Okaloosa County.

Both the Crestview and Niceville police departments have come in contact with several people believed to be involved in these types of scams.

These scammers use intimidation and distraction techniques to pressure people into giving them money, according to a post on the Crestview Police Department’s Facebook page.

Signs posted by the fake players ask for money for a number of reasons—rental assistance, medical expenses, overdue bills, feeding their children, helping out parents, etc.

They will take money via electronic payment as well.

Not a new scam, these schemes have been reported throughout the United States, including Florida.

True violin players understandably take offense to these shysters and are quick to help point out how to tell a fake musician.

And while the fad for now seems to be violins, other electronic instruments have been used as well.

Beware begging-playing musicians with electronic instruments.

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