Adams Sanitation to add fuel surcharge

MILTON, Fla., March 12, 2022—Adams Sanitation is tacking on a fuel surcharge to its monthly utility fee to offset rising gas prices.

Beginning with next month’s bill, a temporary $1.93 charge will be added to cover the price of diesel.

The surcharge will change monthly with the price of diesel.

“When diesel drops back below $3.60 per gallon, we will drop the surcharge,” said Christopher Saul, Adams chief of marketing, in an email to customers.

According to Adams, the approximate $30,000 per month budgeted for fuel costs for 2022 included a price increase of 50 cents per gallon. However, the price of fuel has skyrocketed, especially since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“We don’t have the cushion to absorb such an unprecedented leap in fuel prices without some help,” Saul said. “Through a pandemic, historic inflation and more, we have never added a fuel surcharge to your bill. The increase in cost from such a huge leap in prices is simply more than we can absorb.”

While gas prices during the pandemic dropped, especially during 2020 when the country went into lockdown around the April-June timeframe, prices have steadily increased since then to historic highs this year that surpassed those in 2008.

According to Adams, the fuel surcharge will not increase its bottom line.

“We are not making one penny extra by adding this surcharge,” Saul said.

The increase in service will likely be an added burden to some customers as they pay more for gas, groceries and other necessities, and one Adams understands its customers may decide to drop.

“We know that our twice-weekly service is an upgrade and one that some may have to choose to do without for the time being,” Saul said. “Feel free to call us and talk about the surcharge, as you’ll no doubt be frustrated. We are, too.”

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