Arts & crafts coming to Baker in April

The Baker Arts Festival will showcase all types of arts and crafts as well as fine art
and performance art. (photo by Baker Block Museum)

BAKER, Fla., March 25, 2022—The Baker Block Museum is kicking off a new annual event this spring scheduled for the third Saturday next month.

The inaugural Baker Arts Festival is scheduled for April 16 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Heritage Park just west of the museum.

Lineup for this event includes food, artwork, homemade jewelry, woodcraft and more.

Vendor space is still available, according to museum executive director Ann Spann.

“We still have booth space for those looking for a venue to sell their arts and crafts,” she said. “You can rent a 10×10 foot space for $40. Or if you need electricity, we still have just a few spots available for $50.”

Early setup the Friday before the event is allowed for anyone wishing to get a jump on the day’s festivities.

“Oftentimes, our local vendors request to put their tents up a day early,” said Spann. “This makes it easier for them to roll in and set up their arts and crafts the morning of the event.”

Third time’s the charm

This is the third year the museum has attempted to host this event.

“You could almost say, ‘third time’s the charm,’ but we’ve attempted to do this three times already,” said Spann. “We originally tried to do this in 2020. Then came COVID. So we kicked it to the next year.”

Unfortunately, the April 2021 event was cancelled due to a severe thunderstorm forecast.

“We couldn’t ask vendors to put out their artwork and crafts in a driving rainstorm, so we postponed it to June,” Spann said.

The festival was rescheduled for June 19 with most of the vendors rolling over their entry fees for the early summer event.

However, by June 18, tropical storm warnings were up for the northwest Florida Panhandle for what would become Tropical Storm Claudette.

“So, we cancelled the festival for the third time,” Spann said.

Not dismayed by the unsuccessful attempts to launch a new event, museum board members voted to try the arts festival yet again, for the third year in a row.

“We’re all crossing our fingers that we don’t have to cancel it again this year,” Spann said.

For more information about the festival or to reserve a booth, those interested are asked to call the museum at 850-537-5714. Vendor forms are available on the museum’s website at

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