In other news …

Old dog, new honor

A 22-year-old dog in South Carolina now sports the Guinness World Record title as the world’s oldest dog. Pebbles, a fox terrier, beat out youngster TobyKeith, a Chihuahua who was 21 years old. According to Pebbles’s owners, she’s in good health except for normal old-age symptoms.

‘The number you are trying to reach…’

The last public pay phones have been removed from New York City, according to the mayor’s office. At one time, pay phones were sprinkled every 30 feet or so along busy city streets. They’ll be replaced by digital Wi-Fi kiosks.

How to kill your husband

A 71-year-old Portland, Ore., romance novelist who wrote a 2011 essay, “How to Murder Your Husband,” was convicted of killing her husband in 2018. Although she claimed she had no reason to kill her husband, and friends testified their marriage appeared to be a happy one, a jury decided she was guilty based on evidence presented at the trial.

Let her eat cake

Mona Lisa was “caked” by a man who used a wheelchair to gain closer access to Michelangelo’s famous painting at The Louvre museum in Paris. Once next to the painting, he stood up and smeared cake on the glass-covered portrait as a form of protest about the destruction of the planet. The painting wasn’t damaged.

Raiders of the tabernacle

An irreplaceable gold tabernacle valued about $2 million was cut out of its alter and stolen from St. Augustine Roman Church in Brooklyn last week. Made of solid silver and coated in 18-karat gold, the tabernacle was adorned with jewels—diamonds and other gems—that were donated by parishioners from engagement and wedding rings. The tabernacle dated back to 1895, a few years after the opening of the church. The police have no leads to the theft; there were no witnesses and no security footage.

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