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Sea life revenge

A 73-year-old woman was stabbed by a sailfish during a fishing trip two miles offshore of the coast of southeast Florida. As an angler attempted to reel the fish in, it leapt out of the water and stabbed the woman where she was standing next to the boat’s center console. She was reported to be in good condition. In another incident, a humpback whale breached and landed on a small boat off the coast of Plymouth, Massachusetts. The bow of the 19-foot vessel submerged under the weight of the whale, then popped back up. No one was hurt during the incident and the boat was determined to be seaworthy.

Brontosaurus burger to go

Giant dinosaur footprints were discovered in a restaurant courtyard in China. But these aren’t just any footprints. They belonged to the largest dinosaur species, sauropod. Think brontosaurus: long necks and tails, massive body. An observant diner spotted the prints in the restaurant courtyard.

It’s raining anchovies

Dead anchovies fell from the skies in San Francisco. One person reported finding 20-30 fish lying around. Thousands washed up in piles on the shore of Bolinas Lagoon in Marin County, Calif. But there seems to be a logical explanation for the falling pizza topping. According to scientists, the anchovy population is booming. The lagoon fish likely were chased into shallow waters where they used up all the oxygen. And the falling fish were likely dropped takeout fish dinners birds were flying to their nests.

In loving memory?

A Florida man’s obituary was a tad different than most. After his father passed away in June, his son wrote an obituary that told it like it was. In it, his son said his father was abusive, narcissistic, a ladies’ man, an alcoholic and a barfly. The obituary was published by the Florida Times Union.

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