Four Atlantic areas to watch

HOLT, Fla., Aug. 27, 2022—The tropical Atlantic is waking up.

Although all major hurricane forecasters predicted an above average season, with the exception of three named storms in June and early July, the season has been quiet.

However, with the historical climatological peak still just two weeks away, the Atlantic is showing signs of life.

Last week the National Hurricane Center had its eye on some areas of disturbance that didn’t pan out.

The center upped its ante and is now watching three new areas and one from earlier this past week.

One of the areas still on the map has an increased possibility of developing into a tropical depression and will likely soon be labeled Invest 91.

Located over the central tropical Atlantic, this system is forecast to move into favorable conditions that may allow it to become a tropical depression by the middle of the week.

It’s now at 50 percent.

The NHC is looking at a low pressure area in the northwestern Caribbean Sea to develop early or middle of next week as well.

Environmental conditions could support some slow development; however, it has a 20 percent chance during the next five days.

Out in the central Atlantic, shower activity is showing signs of organization around a low pressure area located about 600 miles east of Bermuda.

Some slow development could occur during the next day or two; however, conditions become less favorable, according to the NHC.

It’s at 20 percent.

And the NHC is looking for another tropical wave to drift off the coast of Africa early next week with gradual development also during the middle of next week. It’s at 20 percent as well.

Staff and NHC forecast

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