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Stories you might have missed.

Age is just a number

95-year-old Italian movie star Gina Lollobrigida says she intends to run for senate in the general elections next month because she’s “fed up with quarreling politicians.” She plans to run under the Sovereign and Popular Italy party. This won’t be her first foray into politics. She ran in the European parliamentary elections in 1999 as a Romano Prodi’s Democrats candidate. One of the last international Golden Age of Hollywood legends, Lollobrigida starred with Humphrey Bogart, Rock Hudson, Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Anthony Quinn, David Niven and Alec Guinness, among others. Her last film was in 1997.

‘You’re fired!’ because it didn’t rain

Hiring: president and deputy president of Hungary’s national meteorological service. Hungary fired the country’s two top weather officials after a an inaccurate forecast that led to the government’s decision to cancel fireworks commemorating a national holiday. The forecast was for extreme weather conditions. The weather was calm. Celebrations have been rescheduled for the following week. Rain is in the forecast.

Biting back

A Turkish 2-year-old bit back after a snake bit her on the lip. The toddler was playing with a snake in her yard when she started screaming. Neighbors found her crying with a snake bite on her lip and the culprit between her teeth. After a 24-hour observation stay in the hospital, she’s doing fine. The snake died from the child’s bite.

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