Hurricane season continues

HOLT, Fla., Nov. 4, 2022—The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season continues with three areas of interest the National Hurricane Center is watching.

A developing low expected to form across the northeastern Caribbean Sea could begin to acquire subtropical or tropical characteristics by the end of the weekend, according to the NHC.

A tropical or subtropical depression could form as the disturbance moves westward toward Florida.

For now, it’s got a medium 40 percent chance for further development.

A weak non-tropical area of low pressure is located several hundred miles east-southeast of Bermuda. This is expected to merge with the larger low developing to its southwest mentioned above.

Now a tropical depression, former Hurricane Lisa is struggling to regain strength and may briefly re-attain tropical storm status. However, the NHC is forecasting the system to dissipate by early next week.

Lisa should remain in the Bay of Campeche, depending on how long it can maintain its tropical storm characteristics, should it re-strengthen, according to the NHC.

And while it’s no longer being monitored by the NHC, post-tropical Hurricane Martin it is expected to make a turn to the east toward Ireland and Scotland. The system covers most of the north Atlantic area.

The 2022 hurricane season officially ends Nov. 30.

Hurricane Martin is expected to make a turn east toward Ireland and Scotland. (

Staff and NHC forecast

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